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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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jamie bowyer of stafford has turned herself in. bowyer's decision to surrender to police comes about an hour and a half after police officers captured dewayne williams near montclair. police say >> let us know if anything changes there. also right now at 6:00, maryland doubles down on casinos to help keep its budget in the black. >> today the new horseshoe casino opened for business in
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baltimore. it's the fifth casino opened in the state since 2010. the new location in national harbor is expected to open two years from now. >> the question tonight. is there enough business to support all this rapid growth. maryland bureau chief brad bell joins us live from maryland's newest casino with what he found. brad. >> what we found is a party complete with show girls straight from vegas. it is a party atmosphere here tonight. they believe they will succeed. and one of the reasons is they say they're not competing for a finite number of gamblers. they believe the market will grow as the opportunities to gamble grow. >> the horseshoe baltimore is a true vegas-style casino, just blocks from the ravens stadium and the orioles' camden yards. 122 table games and a poker room. and it's 13 miles from the huge maryland live casino, but is expected to be a hit. >> the market has shown they
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enjoy the gambling product. so our competitor just about 13 miles away is doing great business. competition definitely pushes them and us to do better. >> better with extras like a restaurant run by celebrity chef guy thetti. >> building the old ones or refurbishing the old ones, they continue to play up. >> gambers told us today they -- gamblers told us they look forward to the compotation. >> it's great. we get a choice of where to go. >> mgm will open the biggest casino of all in 2016, is betting the market will support the expanding gaming industry. maryland live has seen steady revenue and growth and now rakes in more than $50 million a month. its president says the washington-baltimore market is strong. >> right now it's one of the biggest and best market out there in the nation. we're actually bucking a lot of the national trends as far as the growth.
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>> well back live you can see they've got some of the entertainers out here for this grand opening they're going to have. it's going to go until about 7:00. vips will be allowed in and hen the general public will be allowed into this casino at 9:00 p.m. for the first time. all the worries here in baltimore about whether or not the market will grow we're told will be put on hold. because what they're really excited about is 1700 new jobs at this casino. brad bell, abc7 news. >> and from those pictures, looks like we need some extended coverage of that story. maryland casino revenue overall is up a half percent from this time a year ago with games bringing in just over $348 million through july. the hollywood casino in perryville has seen its business tumble with overall revenue down close to 6% in that same time period. that includes lower revenue in six out of seven months so far this year. the decline coincides with the opening of the rocky gap casino
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resort in june of 2013. a rockville man is among four college students killed in a plane crash near cleveland. 18-year-old abraham died and three other students died after the plane crash just after takeoff. all four students at cape western reserve in cleveland. georgetown prep held a prayer service for his family and friends. >> terrorist group isil is demanding more than $6 million ransom and a prisoner release for a woman captured in syria last year. the family has requested her identity be withheld. this comes with the question of airstrikes being launched over syria's border. scott thuman joins us with the president's reaction to this. >> he gave the okay for surveillance flights manned and unmanned but the pentagon not able to tell us at this moment
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if they are flying over siria gathering intelligence -- syria gathering intelligence. either way it's bringing the u.s. closer to the option of airstrikes. >> our message to anyone who harms our people is simple. america does not forget. >> to convey not just idol threats but inevitable action president obama used the speech to veterans to warn isil, or what hea0zizñ >> the white house unclear if it will seek that approval. syria has asked for some assistance. >> even countries that criticize
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us when the chips are down they need help, they know who to call. they call us. >> another call, one of recruitment is also proving effective online, via facebook, twitter and blogs often in english, isil is gaining lots of western followers, even some willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. >> i'm from america. >> this florida man so swayed by the islamic state, he joined up and blew himself up at a syrian checkpoint. >> a serious complication and possible consequence of airstrikes in syria would be killing those who oppose a president there, so helping the enemy of our enemies so to speak could make them stronger. >> there is celebration on the streets of gaza after an open ended cease-fire agreement between hamas and israel.
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[chanting] >> under the terms of the cease-fire israel will ease imports into gaza allowing aid and construction materials through its long-standing blockade. disarmament talks for hamas are planned for next month. more than 2200 people died in the seven weeks of fighting. the vast majority were palestinians. >> still to come here on abc7 news at 6:00. what's next for plans to expand railroad traffic through the district as residents take a stand. >> plus the first look at a report detailingbug problems with how -- big problems with how the u.s. government treats its veterans. >> and what former governor bob mcdonnell says when asked he promoted pills made by the businessman who loaned him tens of thousands of dollars. >> 83 outside the studios in arlington. a little heat and humidity tomorrow and then a number of changes day by day as we head to the holiday weekend. i have the details here on abc7
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news at abc7 news at 6:00. >> be sure to join an hour long town hall special on america's reaction to what's happening in ferguson, missouri. you can watch your voice your future on our nationwide on tory
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be uncomfortably warm and humid and then we'll cool off a bit and get hot and steamy for the weekend. a lot of ground to cover. this is in frederick at the earth and sun space lab. and we have a few clouds and those will dissipate. that's the pattern. the daytime heating settles down and the clouds dissipate. clear in most areas. it will be overnight. 86 in germantown. 84 in culpeper and waldorf. dew point temperatures is 50's and 60's, as comfortable as you'll get in the month of august. 85 the official high at reagan national. 65 the morning low. 89 and 65 the averages and we'll be a bit above average tomorrow as we approach 90. still 86 at reagan national. 82 in martinsburg. 84 in quantico. a more uniform air mass of temperatures in the upper 80's to near 90 degrees tomorrow. a litt in maryland, byrd stadium
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is dressed up to go for the opener. they expect a huge crowd here saturday for james madison university which comes to town. for the maryland terrapins this is perhaps the most talented roster. stefon diggs he's a legitimate superstar as a receiver. while j.m.u. is the opener, the players i think are dangerousthy linking a-- dangerously thinking ahead head to the big ten. >> big challenges big teams and a lot of plays to make. a opportunity to play in front of a lot of people and you need to take advantage because you're going in front of big teams and big matchups. >> i'm excited because i get to go to the big venue and the big ten. so wisconsin, penn state. the big house down in michigan. we're definitely excited and look forward to those challenges. >> let me post a warning and tell the turps they're playing james madisonnext.
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>> join us back here at 11:00 tonight. hope you have a great evening.


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